Hello. I won’t be writing this in third-person, like a lot of people do. I’m gonna keep it personal and raw. Ok, you’ve been warned!
Glad you’re still with me. Here’s the short version:
I’m a music nerd. I bang on drums and other musical instruments, I write, produce and mix music in the studio (my own and other people’s too), I collect vinyl records compulsively and I play those records at parties, festivals and radio programs. I work in the broad spectrum of what has been lately labelled “Tropical music”, from antropologic folklore to the most out-there experimental. I’ve been called “the hardest working man in the Tropical music business” (James Brown fans going all “I dare you” on me! haha).
I’m bothered by the fact that in Europe, where I live, we don’t pay attention to all the amazing music that’s made beyond the anglo-saxon axis.

To do something about it, I’ve founded the defunct Vintage Voudou record store and its associated DJ party, the Music With Soul record label, the Heat Too Hot music studio (formerly known as Barracão Sound), the bands Fumaça Preta and Conjunto Papa Upa and now I’ve built this website, where the idea is not only to be talking about me (oh the irony!) but also about all that music that doesn’t get the deserved exposure. Music that inspires and moves.

I’m here to show you that there is an immense plethora of genres and styles that nobody has told you about and once you dive into it, you’ll feel like you’ve been eating mashed potatoes your whole life. There’s a whole food court out there waiting for you and you just need to be hungry. Let me be your waiter!